Sassy Vanilla- Sweet vanilla cake topped with classic vanilla buttercream


Really Red Velvet- Luscious red velvet cake, topped with rich vanilla bean cream cheese buttercream


Chunky Chocolate- Rich chocolate cake, loaded with chocolate chunks and topped with chocolate buttercream


*Pretty Pink Velvet- Sweet strawberry cake, filled with strawberry chunks, and topped with vanilla bean cream cheese buttercream


Marry Me?- Classic wedding white almond cake and topped with vanilla almond buttercream


Cookies & Cream Please- Moist vanilla cake loaded with Oreo cookies & topped with vanilla butter cream and crushed Oreos


PB & C- Rich chocolate cake topped with peanut butter buttercream & chocolate drizzle


It's My Birthday! Cake- Vanilla cake filled with rainbow sprinkles topped with vanilla buttercream and covered in MORE sprinkles


Cookie Dough Lover- Yummy vanilla cake filled with cookie dough pieces, topped with cookie dough pieces, and topped with a chocolate chip cookie


*Cassata Cassata- Sweet Vanilla cake filled with vanilla Bavarian cream, fresh strawberry filling and whipped cream topped with vanilla buttercream (only available as a cassata cake, not as a filling in specialty cakes)


Ladies Sweet Potato- Moist Cinnamon spice cake, filled with grannies sweet potato pie, topped with vanilla buttercream and pie crust crumble


*Vanilla Bean Cheesecake- Vanilla cake filled with vanilla bean cheesecake topped with sweet vanilla buttercream


*Additional charges added due to fresh and costly filling


Sophisticated Palette

(Alcohol Infused)


Patron Shots- Patron Silver infused cake topped with Patron Silver buttercream, a sprinkle of sea salt and a lime wedge


Henn Dawg- Hennessy infused cake, topped with sweet pineapple buttercream


Good Morning Mimosa- Sweet orange cake infused with champagne and topped with sparkling champagne buttercream


Diddy Who?-  Ciroc infused cake,  peach, red berry, pineapple or coconut cake, topped with Ciroc infused buttercream and a fresh fruit garnish